The City Yet to Come

Praise The Lord!
In Romans 4:3- we can see that Abraham has something to boast about all those what he had but not before God. God has appointed Abraham as the Father of many nations but he knows well that these everything what he has and what he is going to have comes from a source named Lord, The provider. Furthermore, he is the source of our life too.
Solomon says, for all what we see in this world are Vanity and Grasping for the wind. So why should we proud of seeing all these Fascinating things in our World? ” Donot be Haught but by Fear in God do everything”
We all knows that God has touched our world by a Virus named Covid-19. When we scientifically study the characteristics of a Virus, they are Ultra microscopic and can only be visualized under Electron Microscope. Perhaps, we might have thought that nothing happen with this small virus! But look my dear buddies, God has not a village, nor a city, neither a state or a country… The whole world has been touched by the hand of Mighty God.
Why does all these things are happening in our world?-
These are the signs that undoubtedly showing the Second coming of Jesus Christ. It might takes a bit time because he is showing his Long- Suffering towards us;not willing that any should perish but all should come to Repentance and follow his Commandments.
Come to Jesus. He loves you. He need you to show his unconditional love.
” Behold, now is the accepted time ; behold, now is the day of Salvation” .
Accept God the mighty as your Saviour, he will deliver you from all the troubles. AMEN!
-Gladis Anna Sam

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