Knock knock!!! You have an uninvited guest

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– Abel Samuel


On 17th Feb. 2018 Saturday morning I woke up by 4.30am to do my weekly scheduled mess duty in my seminary. After finishing duty, which was consisted cutting of lots and lots of potatoes in a meticulous size I returned to my room very tired and aggravated mentally. After reaching room by 7.00am my heart anticipated a solution to get rid of this frustration and weariness, it was to take a small doze. By 8.56am my sleep was disturbed by a incoming call on my mobile, with half closed eyes I took my phone and began to see, who is my real enemy spoiling my sweet sleep, it was my elder sister, Grace. Realizing her name I ignored the call and went back to that deep slumber. It was a movement as if whole earth may shake and fall down but I will continue my sleep. But after 10 minutes my cell started ringing again and I was so much fuming up to shout at the person who was attempting to make a dialogue with me. I pressed the answer key without noticing who was calling, I thought it might be my sister trying to seek some sort of help, but when I answered the call it was my Dad speaking. As he called me “Abel, I need to speak to you”, whole my antagonism and aggravation vanished in a flash because according to him I am always suppose to wake up early and be an dynamic person in my all daily activities. Honestly speaking like a Lion I took the call to roar but like a Cat I replied to his voice. I spoke gently with Dad, He had only few words to say which was going to revolutionize me entirely and that was, “Abel Apachan (Grandpa) is no more”.
I was left in huge shock and didn’t know what to respond and I felt wrecked inside myself that I couldn’t see apachan in his last moments. I was completely breathless on that very spot and I was completely uncomfortable with the situation. Hearing this news few of my friends gathered in my room and began to pray for consolation of my grieving family. I began to pack my clothes and prepare myself for a journey to my beloved grandpa’s home. All the time I was recollecting all the memories which my apachan gave me, he was full of positive energy and he helped me in my life in lot’s of way, he taught me driving bike, he taught me driving car, he also taught me cooking and he was not always a sweet guy, it was impossible to escape from his wrath and all these memories that he gave me just brought a smile on my face and I understood that I had a such wonderful apachan. It is always a blessing to have someone who can rebuke you with all authority and by the love they have for you. Their presence will be missed when they are really away from our life.
On the funeral day I saw the body of apachan which was kept out of mortuary, I couldn’t control myself. I touched his hands and his muscles which were frozen completely. His hands were so strong, when I was a child; I used to hang on them. His chest was my pillow in my childhood but now it was just a big block of ice which had human skin.
Apostle Paul says this human body is perishable, all the great achievements and honour is just a matter of our breath which we don’t control. If we live and earn all our egocentric goals and proclaim it as our victory, maybe people around us will praise our name but do they really love us? It is contentment for our heart to hear others praising us and honouring us, but once we are dead, we wouldn’t listen anymore anything about us. Our chapter in this world ends with that moment. Instead of achievements if we love one another, serve one another, this memory will never fade and this love will never end.
Our attitude towards love is a big question these days, there is a distinction between love and like. I really get shocked when young people say “I like you”. Like is a feeling to particular matter or material which we uses for our necessity, when the necessity is over and if there is something else which can be a better substitute our need and likes for it will change. But love it’s very special, we cannot hurt someone whom we really love, even though the paradox of love is hate, still it’s very difficult to hate someone we really love.
As death is a gate opening to new life, we must live decent life in this earth. My apprehension is, if we love anyone; do not be in love with their body as it will perish one day. In fact as a child of God we can love the spirit which abides in a living person and which has life after death, the result of this love we won’t be annoyed or irritated on hurting attitude of that particular person and by their evil deeds towards us. All kinds of evil behaviour of a person are encouraged by the flesh (mortal body) and the spirit in the person is unknown to the fact of evil nature. In short the spirit which is abiding in a person’s life is innocent. If we develop an attitude of loving that innocent spirit instead of flesh, we will always find it easy to forgive and love the person who gives us sorrow.
It is always curious to know what happens when a person dies. Two things significantly happens when a person die i.e. their dead body starts decaying within two hours and with numerous stages it completely decompose with earth. But the spirit departs from the body as soon the last breath in exhaled.
“My home is in heaven and I am just a traveller through this world”. -Late. Billy Graham.
The body which we have currently is just a medium to complete our journey. This journey also has several stages i.e. adolescence, teenage, adult age and old age. The vehicle may breakdown any moment and has no guarantee of completing all the stages of the life.
The remembrance of the lost one will always hunt you, their voice, care, prayer, love and presence. But reality is it the end or the beginning of new life with and in Jesus Christ. Arise to know that You and Me will pass by, only that remains is “LOVE”.

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