A Broken and Contrite Heart

– Dr Achsah Koshy

Once I turn the page of bible

I got struck at 1 Samuel

A women who is deeply distressed

Weeping, downhearted

In bitterness of soul she wept so much

She was praying in her heart

Lips were moving but there is no voice

Deep pain she carried in heart

Rival provokiness because of barren womb

Days of suffering gripped her

Her soul grieved and spirit  down casted


With a  contrite and  brokenness

Pour out her heart to God

Creator of heaven and earth

Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end

God from everlasting to everlasting Great “Iam”

who created her fearfully and wonderfully



Pleaded God to remember her

Uncertain future  handover to All knowing living God

As she knows humans fail but God doesn’t

As she knows the Human limitation and God’s miraculous power


Deliverer  did not despised her broken heart

Driven her  tears into a pool of blessing


Right time God made it happen

Restores her soul by a fertile womb

Rejoiced greatly while Baby leaped in her womb

Recalled  trouble only as a water gone by






























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