Jesus’ Demonstration of Baptism


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Today survival has become pretty hard.

From any food to fill the stomach to anything to cover one’s body a lot of difference has taken place.

Now everything is a part of a show more than satisfying self to satisfying the society. Sadly most of the religious activities have taken place as an activity done for social recognition.  I remember those days baptisms were given more importance than birthdays. Now baptisms have become a celebration or a function.  Everyone wants the best priest, best church and family goal dresses.

Sadly the true essence of baptism and spirituality is being faded.

Is baptism a part of a tradition? Why do we do it?  Following a mob is easy, understanding the mob is difficult

Baptism is vital and not just to go viral or do it to show the society or something.

Baptism is an aspect which was clearly demonstrated to us in the Bible .yet we go astray in this aspect. How is baptism done?

If we look at the Bible in Mathew chapter 3, we see Jesus himself was baptized by John. This is the greatest evidence that baptism is vital.

Why do you think Jesus insisted on being baptized? Is it because he was sinful? Does a son of God need baptism? Or what else can be a reason for this act of Christ?

Mathew says in chapter 3:6 ” people were getting baptized confessing their sins ” here it is clear that confession of sins is a criteria which cannot be excluded, a heart of repentance is also essential for being baptized and the Bible clearly states in Mathew chapter 3:8 ” bear fruit of repentance” .

So while detailing analyzing this verse it is understood that a mouth willing to confess and a heart willing to repent is a must criteria for baptism.

And while studying the early life of Jesus it is clear that he didn’t have to confess or repent cause he live a life holy in the sight of man and God. In Mathew chapter 3: 14 John states that” I need to be baptized by you “literally speaking that makes more sense John being baptized by Jesus, however, the opposite happened and in the following verse Mathew 3:15 Jesus himself clearly says that ” permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteous”

But at that time God performed a sign which added more authenticity to the act of baptism that is stated in Mathew 3:16-17.

So there was a public demonstration and Jesus was able to testify that being pure and cleansing oneself is the only way to attain heaven.

But we humans definitely have sinned knowing and unknowingly and this criteria cannot be excluded by us.

Jesus himself did it to demonstrate to us how it is done. Faith is essential but faith without action is vain. Baptism is symbolic as well as a meaningful act.

That’s the greatest merit in Christianity is that there is a clear demonstration on how to do and when to do. But sadly we never look at the instruction book that is the Holy Bible before doing anything.

How should one be baptized?

The Bible clearly states only two criteria that is

  1. Confession of sins
  2. Bear fruits worthy of repentance.

And as you have seen the role of Christ is significant in the process of baptism so is accepting Christ as the saviour a primary duty of one before baptizing.

Baptism is a way one can testify their love to God and the only way to testify the Trinity of the father, son and Holy Spirit.

Baptism isn’t about the place the dress the time or the pastor it is all about repentance confession of sins. Steps to proper baptism are accepting Jesus Christ as one’s personal saviour. Confess one’s sins. Have a heart of repentance and live like a new body in Christ

Let not the world misleads anyone let the word of God show you what to do and how to do. Cause so far everything is clearly demonstrated its just that many at times the real word is misinterpreted. Baptized isn’t all about water and a pastor. The baptism in the name of God is of the Holy Spirit and fire Mathew 3:11).


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